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I’m Amir R Muntasser; I’m a web developer from Tucson, Arizona. I build tools and products that empower tourist destinations to highlight the sights, events, and culture that make them special.

I’ve been building websites since 2010; I’ve done the freelance thing, but I’m presently the Senior Lead Developer of CMS Operations at Simpleview. The sites I’ve worked on range from small, locally-owned businesses like SWS Computers to big community sites like Rooster Teeth all the way up to tourism sites for entire countries like Visit Norway.

I’m born and raised in Tucson, AZ, but I am the son of an immigrant. My dad came here from Libya when he was 17. My mother, though born here, is Mexican. I’m an Arab and a Muslim. I’m a Libyan and an American. This heritage has given me a unique view of the world and my place in it.

At home, I live for quiet nights in with my love, Becks, and our 3 cats: Mercutio (My perfect prince), Lady, and Pizza.

Becks and I during our engagement photo shoot

Previous Gigs

Host/Writer/Video Editor

My friends and I ran a fabulously unsuccessful MCN (multi-channel network) on YouTube. There were roughly 5 channels in our network; most were gaming related, but the main one was a comedic news-focused channel.

Additionally, I produced a series of different shows, one-off videos, and reviews for a local electronics and hobbyist store in town. I more or less handled everything from writing, filming, editing, hosting, researching, and whatever else was needed. I would put out videos every other day on weekdays. It was a ton of fun and I learned a lot about editing and telling a story.

Also I made this wonderful work of art.


After college I needed a job and figured making one was a solid idea. My idea was a site where you could collaborate on homework assignments with your classmates. I had absolutely zero experience with web development at the time so I began teaching myself the LAMP stack. Several months later I had a working, albeit unattractive, prototype. It was a lot of long nights… and a lot of Ally McBeal.

I shut down development because life happens and I needed a regular paycheck, but it was a fantastic learning experience.

Small Business Owner

For a brief period I owned a cell phone store; I was a Cricket Wireless franchisee. The market changed and Cricket stopped being so liberal with who they let franchise. The biggest lesson I took away from the experience was how to build and train a team. It’s something I’ve been able to make use of in my current position overseeing a department’s worth of developers (roughly 25 devs).

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